Monday, January 20, 2014

Wait... HUH??

Well it is the last week of another transfer and this week has gone by so fast! It seems like  just yesterday that I got to email home so that means we must have had a lot of work this week!:D It was a really good week though.

So last P-Day we went to the ConvĂȘnto da Penha again and the after that got some ice cream at a little place we like to call... MCDONALDS!!! It was really nice being able to taste a little bit of AMERICA!!!;) That was all we really did on P-Day! This week we have been focusing on four of our investigators. 
Joselene is an amazing woman! She is 32 and lost her husband 5 years ago. She has an 8 yr old son. It was really hard the first lesson because we really needed to teach the Plan of Salvation but my comp loves to teach about baptism and get them “dunked” so we started out with The Pre mortal life and then I taught the fall of Adam and Eve. After that I thought that we were going to talk about the Atonement and the 2nd lesson but my companion starts teaching about the Restoration and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.... Wait... HUH?? Haha oh dear... It kinda was an epic fail. After the 2 HOUR lesson I had to remind my companion that we needed to follow the plan because all of these concepts we are teaching are new and foreign to them. There were times I was even lost but the next time we went back we just focused on one lesson so that we didn’t lose her again. It went much better! We are so excited about her growth and hope that we can help her understand the importance of attending Church every week.
We also met with Warlesson. He went to mutual this week, helped clean the church, played soccer with the young men, and went to church again on Sunday. He is only 14 but has a great testimony about the gospel and is learning so much. He reads the Book of Mormon every night for at least 30 mins. He really studies it and loves what he is learning. We have his baptism this week on Saturday at 7pm. Please pray for him specifically!!!! His parents are letting him do this but have really questioned his decision. Even though he is prepared I feel like he could use some extra support through your payers J we are SUPER EXCITED for him!

The last couple we are teaching are the most amazing people. They are not married yet and so we have been teaching them about the importance of marriage. They are a young couple and have their struggles.

When we went to visit them only the mom was there so we were talking to her and her family outside. Soon the dad came home and he and the mom went inside and were there for about 10 mins when the dad yelled "STILSON HELP!!" Wait.... HUH?? So I ran in there to find the mom crying and holding a KNIFE. The dad had the mom pinned to the bed! Elder Freire, my companion, ran and tried to take the knife and started yelling at her but she wouldn’t give it up. I walked over and talked to her and finally was able to get her to calm down enough to drop the knife. We sat and talked for a while about how important it was that they both stop the fighting and that they NEED the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives! We then discussed the importance of marriage, baptism and having the priesthood in the home. It was kind of good that this happened when I was there, I feel like I was able to say the right things to help them both.  Now we have the dad’s Mom and Aunt helping them.

I love this area and the people we are teaching here. I kind of hope I get to stay one more transfer so that I can continue the work with them but I will do the Lords will! I love the work that I am doing even though it is hard and sometimes a little crazy! I love you all so much and I am grateful for all that you do for me. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! Keep the faith and help the missionaries!:)



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