Monday, August 25, 2014

I am staying in Rio

Hey everyone, this week was really good. I am staying in Rio in Campos and just loving what we are doing!! I was put back with one of my old comps, Elder Freire!! haha it was super funny! I was sitting on the phone waiting to know who was my new comp and he was sitting in the Transfers and they call my name and then his and everyone starts laughing and screaming and I couldn't hear his name and he said that he didn't hear his name either. So everyone is looking around to see him stand up and it was his old comp who had to send him to reality and tell him that it was me that was his new comp... AGAIN!!! Haha it was funny!!

But we are working really well together and everything is going good. We have a few potential investigators but I don't remember a lot about what happened this week. We spent some time at the Dr. getting a few things checked out so that has taken up a little bit of time but we have been running around trying to get more people to teach. A few of the people we have taught have been really progressing and it is awesome!!! We are really excited to go back and teach them again and see what we can do to help them receive the gifts of the restored gospel. We met one man named Bruno who really wants to find the right church and then wants to be able to preach the gospel. He wants to be a MISSIONARY!!! ha ha 

The only other thing that really happened this week was my studying! I found a lot of comfort in these few scriptures!!

D&C 64:33-34

D&C 78:6-7

D&C 76:22-23

These scriptures really helped me out this week!!! 
Well sorry it's so short but I gotta go but I will write more next week.

Love you all,

Elder Stilson:)

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