Monday, October 27, 2014

Learning about the Atonement

Hey everyone, I hope that everyone has had an amazing week. First off I have to tell Big old JACK JACK HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome little dude, I hope that you have a good Thursday and a Happy Birthday.  Love you buddy!!!
This week was amazing  but I don't know where to start!! We had to go to back to Quissamã to help the Sisters with a baptism. I had to interview Felipe and then Felipe and Gabriela asked me if I could baptize them. It was an awesome experience. It was way legit!!! But everything here was amazing! I don't have much time but Elder Freire and I are working hard and well together. There are lots of blessings. Few people are allowing us to come back and teach them again but we aren't getting unexcited and we are just continuing to work hard. Leide Sônia is running from us but we will get in contact with him. This week we had 7 people who were supposed to go to church but they all slept in or just didn't want to go.... It was hard but we know that we are doing all we can.

I have been studying a lot about the Atonement and how important it is. If we truly understand the Atonement and want to be grateful for such an amazing blessings, we must share this with other people. The Atonement was given to all freely and when we know the blessings of this we have to share it with others. I love the savior and I love what I am learning on the mission. Please study the Preach my Gospel and learn how to give more referrals to the missionaries. If we love our Savior we must love and serve others. We need to help those who don't understand the blessings of the restored gospel. I love this gospel and I am getting closer and closer to my Savior every day. I thank all of you who email me and help me every week with your experiences. I love my Baby Sister, Hermana Stilson and for her example of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work sista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all and can't wait to email with you next week.

Love, Elder Stilson

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