Monday, November 24, 2014

A week of Thanksgiving

Hey everyone! So I had another amazing week here in Missão Brasil Vitória! This week started out a little funny. So spent a lot of time running around, going to meetings, appointments but we didn't have a lot of time for our Language, companionship, or planning session study. And with all of our running we didn't have anyone who wanted to hear our message.  We walked across our entire area and the area next to ours where the sister missionaries work. It is so much walking!! People would schedule appointments and then not be there. It felt like we were just running in circles. It was so stressful and by
Friday I was frustrated. We walked for about 3 hours and nothing was happening, appointments kept falling through and my knees were killing me. Feeling a bit defeated, I stopped and prayed. I thanked the Lord for all of the blessings but told him of my needs. I was so grateful to just be able to stop and talk to him on the street, and I was grateful for my companion being patient with me. After a few tears I asked God what we needed to do at that moment. I got the impression to call a contact that we met last week. I called and she didn't answer. When she didn't answer I thought we
should have gone to another bairro to look for someone else. But Elder Gonçalves said that we should pass by just to see if she was at home. We went there and a different young lady answered the door and allowed us in to teach her parents and her. What a huge blessing. It was such and an amazing lesson! Then Saturday morning we got to teach 4 references in one lesson. They were all very attentive and really wanted to learn. They loved the Book of Mormon and when we made the baptismal invite I will never forget the response of one of the ladies. We asked when God answers your
prayers and you know that these things are true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone who holds the authority of the Priesthood. She said " I wouldn't think twice!" What if all of our responses were this way? What if we were as obedient as Christ? We would all live in a peace that is needed for all. I love you all and know that when we are obedient we will be blessed. I love you and hope you know that you are all in my prayers. Huge Shout out to Elder Stilson, thanks for  being such great example of obedience and dedicated, diligent service to the Lord. Your service is blessing me. Thanks for your faith and the love you have for me!! Love you Cuz!!! Congrats to Hermana Stilson on her first baptism!! LOVE YOU SISTA!!!!
Love you all,
Elder Stilson

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