Monday, September 23, 2013

End of Transfer


Holy cow this week really flew by... The days seemed like they took forever, but honestly this week has gone by really fast! Last P-Day was hectic trying to get things done and trying to help out Elder Torres put together a CD of all the Pics we have taken then we went back, ate, and went to work! Also Monday afternoon I got a haircut... RULE #1 when you are on a mission, DON’T trust elders to cut your hair. Haha the pictures are great.... But hey in 2 weeks it will all be alright again... I hope haha. After my haircut, Elder Conde asked me to cut his hair.  Haha, I think I did a pretty good job!! I am proud of it too! :)

I honestly don’t know where Tuesday went; all day Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday. Haha Actually, Tuesday, we went to a grocery store that is really close to our house that we got a referral for the owner. We went in there to meet with him and he has the biggest desire to do his family history work and wants to learn more about the church.  So we had our first lesson then talked to him about how he can do his family history work right at the church.  He was really excited and I am pretty sure he has already contacted the ladies who run the family history center! It was so awesome; he gave us some free fruit while we were teaching him.  That's always a plus, right;) After that we had an awesome lunch with some members! The guy is in his mid to late 60’s and his wife died not too long ago. One morning he wakes up, not wanting to break the law of chastity, marries the maid who already lives in the house. :) Haha he is a great guy and his second wife is a very good cook!

After that we got a call from our Zone Leaders, telling us that we need to fast for baptisms this transfer! Like I have said in the past, I LOVE fasting and the blessings that it brings but the whole "God will not be mocked" fraise came to my mind.  Why are we fasting for some crazy amount of baptisms that are our ZLs want to happen this Sunday? Shouldn't we have done this at the beginning of the transfer, or even last week?  Even though I disagreed with the timing I participated in the fast and had a great attitude and faith that we would have baptisms.
On our way back to our area from lunch we went into the store where my companion’s camera has been being worked on for the past 4 weeks. The camera still isn’t fixed but we are teaching the owners of the store now! The owner hasn’t been feeling well so we gave him a blessing and when we invited them to church later in the week he was feeling ALOT better!!
Thursday we went to yet another Dr's appointment haha. Since my glasses were stolen and I have NO clue what my prescription is, we had to get my eyes checked again and they dilated my eyes... Not a fun day!  I couldn’t see anything after the appointment and because my sunglasses were taken as well I had to have Elder Torres be my guide dog Haha
Friday was long, hard, but pretty fun! We woke up and went to help out a member. They are building a house for their daughter and soon to be son-in-law so we had to haul concrete for close to 3 1/2 hours.  I really liked it and worked hard! But my body has hated me since then but it felt great to work.  When we finished working we were supposed to have lunch for us at the church.  We were so hungry after all of that working but when we got to the church there was no food.  We called the lady that was supposed to feed us and she just said that she couldn’t do it.  That was a little rough haha but everything worked out and it was still a great day!

Service project for Adilson
Saturday we just walked and walked and walked and walked!! Our lunch was an hour and a half walk away from our house. Yeah, it was a little rough because after we ate lunch we had to walk back to walk back to the OTHER edge of our area to start teaching.  It was a great workout if not anything else.
I am staying in Jardim da Penha for one more transfer and hopefully I won’t have to be ETed again ha ha!  The blessings have started to roll and I really hope that they continue. I just need to remember my fear of God and to keep moving forward. The one song that has saved my life is Stand by Rascal Flatts. Anyone who is having a hard time with anything, look that up.  It helps even if you don’t like country! 
Eu amo VocĂȘs!!
Amor Elder Stilson:)
Left is Elder Stilson & Isabel Weber (She is wearing high heels), Top right is Elder Stilson & Joao Henrique (He reminds X of Taeten), Bottom right is inside the Church in Elder Stilson's area.

Left is Elder Stilson & Adilson, Top right is Elder Stilson, Fernanda, Regina & Elder Torres, Bottom right is Regina having her dog Mel Honey fold her arms

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