Monday, October 14, 2013

McDonalds & a Package!

Bom dia! Well, this week went by really fast again. Most of this week was spent getting addresses, then going to the church to call and set up appointments, then being told that they either don’t have time or to call back later (AKA call back later so I know your phone number and know NOT to answer your call... EVER!)  Just another way of having a door slammed in your face. Haha but it’s whatever.
Tuesday we were given a list of people whose kids hadn’t been baptized so we went and visited some of them. The first person on our list who lives in our area was Adelina and her son Felipe. We went over and talked to Adelina and it turns out that her son was baptized but that they are inactive right now. We taught her and met with her father who has been really sick. Later in the week they took him to the hospital and sadly found out he is very sick.  

Wednesday was a frustrating day. It’s hard when you work with and teach your investigators and get them to the point where they are ready to set a baptism date and then you have help from others. Even though their intentions are good, because they are not used to our area, they seem to do more damage than good.  Hopefully through the Spirit these investigators will know that even though some people do things differently and seem to be pushy, the Church is still true. Even though we have taken several steps back, we will continue to teach and love these investigators and hopefully get them back on track and lessons can continue again in a few weeks.
McDonalds Run!
Thursday we helped our Fatíma Ma Mãe with giving her husband a blessing. He isn’t doing very well but hopefully he will be ok!! After the blessing she says "I am hungry, let’s go to McDonalds".......... WHAT?!?! YAY!!!!! I haven’t been to McDonalds in months! IT WAS AWESOME! She is amazing! Wow, McDonalds is expensive here, it is ridiculous!!! It was worth it though.  She is amazing!

Friday I got my SUNSHINE PACKAGE!!! First off thanks to Lisa Letts, Denise Webb, Kris Harrop, the other moms and the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD, my MOM, for such an amazing box!!! Everything that was in it made my week!!
William, Adelina, Angela & Mae

Well back to Adelina, on Sunday she came to church with her non-member husband! She is going to be active again!!! We were able to teach her husband and we really think that we will get him baptized in the next couple of weeks!

Well thanks everyone for all of the emails! This week I had so many and it was amazing!!I love knowing how everyone is doing! I love you all and hope to hear from you again soon!!!!!


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