Monday, December 9, 2013

First Talk in Portugese

BOM DIA DE ELDER STILSON!!! Well this week has been much better. No flooding this week. This past P-day we were able to do a lot of fun things! First, we went to the Garoto Factory. It is a HUGE chocolate factory and is the ONLY one in the world! It was awesome! You have 10 mins during the tour to eat as many bonbons as you can!! ... The first 2-3 mins you love life and think, How many can I eat?! But after that you kind of start to feel sick and by min 8 you are DONE and you feel like you NEVER want to eat another bonbon EVER again! Haha it was great though even if I did eat myself sick. I didn’t feel so good (as you can imagine after eating over 30 bonbons...) and just wanted to go home and sleep haha but my old companion, Elder Torres wanted us to go with them back to the Convento da Penha.  I am so glad he asked us, it was a lot prettier this time going on a beautiful sunny day.  I have a ton of pictures that are awesome!!!

Tuesday we found a new investigator we weren’t planning on encountering!! What a huge blessing. Her name is Tereza and she is awesome!!! She has a HUGE Mango tree at her house and she gave us a mountain of mangos! That is basically all I have eaten the past 2 days and yes they are almost gone. :( But she said she has more for us when we visit with her this week! She has 4 children and every time we have visited with her last week we met a different one.  Haha so NOW we know the whole family and they are all awesome! We are really hoping to get them all to come to church this week.

On Thursday I was asked to give a talk on forgiveness in Sacrament. I have never learned SO much in my entire life. I don’t know why but Saturday I felt confused with repentance. But after writing the talk I have a clear understanding of it and I am SO grateful for that opportunity to learn.

I had to give my talk in Portuguese. It was so hard but it went good! Also yesterday we received a referral to a couple and they are awesome! They aren’t married but they want to get married soon. They have tried to have 2 kids already but they both died before birth. She is pregnant again and having problems again. It is really hard to talk about but we are excited to tell them the amazing news about the Plan of Salvation and how they can meet their children again and be able to raise them in the next life! They are amazing people and really open to what we have had to say.

Alma 8:9-10, 15, 20 really helped me out this week and can help anyone else who is having problems. I love the work even though it is hard. Everything was good this week and can’t wait to write you the blessings that I WILL receive this week! Thanks for the letters, emails and prayers that I have received!!! I love you all!!


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