Monday, December 16, 2013


Christmas Tree From Home


Hey everyone!!! Well, this is my last day with Elder M. Silva.  I will get a new comp tomorrow at our transfers! Tomorrow is also our mission Christmas party, I am really excited for it! This week was good. It has been a little hard having a comp who has worked in this one area for 4 months and thinks that there is nothing else to do but everything has been good!:) I have had to drive the companionship with faith and a good attitude! (PS... HOLY COW IT IS HARD TO WRITE IN ENGLISH THIS WEEK!)  This is a good thing right?! ;) Last P-day we went and played basketball with some other missionaries in our zone and it was alright.. I like to play basketball though and not dink-around so it was a little rough but good to do something that I miss!:) 
Christmas Package
We didn’t have an opportunity to meet with Tereza this week because she had work every day but we were able to meet with one of her sons and he is LEGIT! He is 25 and just awesome! One day we stopped to visit and he said that his mom wasn’t home but to come back later. When we went back the son answered and said that Tereza wasn’t home again but he asked us, “Where were you the other day? You said you guys were going come back so I was waiting for a lesson..." HE IS THE FIRST PERSON TO SAY THIS AND WE MISSED A HUGE OPPORTUNITY TO GET HIM TO CHURCH!!! But we said a prayer with him and we invited him to church and he said of course. YES!!!! So this week I and my new comp will go back and teach the whole family. Oh and they also gave us another HUGE sack of Mangos again. THE BLESSINGS OF THE MISSION!!!!
 Tuesday night it rained hard again and it flooded on Wednesday but not as bad as the last time and thank heavens the canal DIDN’T over flow again.  Also this week our washing machine broke.... GREAT!!! For the first time in my life I have had to wash my clothes by hand...CHATO!! Annoying... Learning life lessons thought, right? This morning we were also able to deep clean our house! (Now I can send you pictures mom ;) But everything is going good! This transfer should be a little better due to the fact that we are getting 2 more missionaries in Cobilândia!! So we are splitting up the GRANDE COBILÂNDIA!  I have chosen to work in premeiro de maio, Alacrim and Alvorado. Yes these parts are a little more dangerous but we haven’t had any problems and we have a member there who is awesome and we also know a lot of people who live there, they are Awesome!
No, I can’t bring my wallet into the area and very rarely my camera but I KNOW that the Lord is going to bless me and I am not going to have any problems.  I have a number of goals that I am setting for this transfer. They are HARD and will test my patience and make me 100% more humble but I know I will be blessed. Well, I don’t have much time so I need to go but I love you all and thank you to those who have emailed me and written me. I have written a lot of you back and if I haven’t it is because I am waiting on your letters which I will finish TOMORROW!!!!!!! So they are coming!! Thanks Nan and Bomp and Grandma and Grandpa for all of the amazing advice you give me and help me with! Thanks for the love that you all are sending! Thanks Jaxon Wingle for the email it means the world to hear from the youth in the ward back home!! This is the time of year we can remember our Lord and Savior don’t take it for granted! Everyone needs to thank who ever gives you a gift. People who live in the US have it easy and are SOOOOO BLESSED!!! Thank the Lord this time of year for being blessed to live there!! I love you all and all you missionaries keep up the good work!!!! 
Love, Elder Stilson

My New Companion Elder Freire

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