Monday, February 24, 2014

"I went through it"

Hey everyone! Well this is week 4 of this transfer. We have been teaching Fátima and she will be baptized on the 27th of February. She is an awesome investigator and has a super strong testimony! I am excited to send you pictures and tell you all about the baptism.

This week was very interesting. We had 2 drunks tell us that they were going kill us, a lady told us all about her nephew and the crazy life he’s living and a kid who says that he doesn’t believe in God because of the choices he is making. Holy Cow it was a lot to take in! But even though I have had these crazy experiences it is all right!:) We are teaching a 14 yr old girl who is getting ready for baptism as well. She is probably the MOST religious person I’ve met. It is crazy to hear about the things that she believes in and what she loves. We have her marked for this Sunday so we should have another exciting busy week!!:)

Elder Stilson's House in Nanuque

The other things that happened this week were really not worth mentioning. Actually it doesn’t help that I have a horrible memory... I should start bringing my journal with me when I email. Everything else has been alright. I have been learning how to be patient and learning how to be humble. I need to thank all of you that send letters and emails especially my grandparents. I appreciate your advice, encouragement and personal experiences. At times, when I am teaching, It seems like no one is listening. We walk and walk and walk up and down and up and down these morros (hills).  I feel like I am killing myself and the only thing that I am receiving are "Rain-Checks". It is very frustrating and it seems like I am wasting my time sometimes. This week was especially hard and I hate to admit that I thought to myself, "I don’t want to be here, I want to be home with my family. Why can’t these people do things different, what am I doing, why am I here" something hit me and it hit me hard...

"I (Christ) went through this. Yes these people are less fortunate than you! They do not have the luxuries that you have back at home. I went through this. I left MY home next to my father to just try to give them the happiness that comes from a family that can live together and they rejected Me."

After thinking about that I realized that the only thing that I can do, what I NEED to do is help these people, to share a simple message that can change the rest of the eternities for these people.  It made me really look at how small this sacrifice really is. YES it’s hard! Christ NEVER said it was easy and at times he really didn’t want to do it but he did anyway! It is VERY hard but I know that I will be blessed for this. I will help these people and there is ALWAYS Joy in the Journey!!! I thank you all for your prayers and I love and miss ya'll so much but I still have work here that the lord is having me do!:)


Elder Stilson:)

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