Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Physical Pain, Spiritual Blessings!

Hey everyone, first off I want to thank my Aunt Kristin and Cousin Brittney for taking the challenge to become missionaries at home and for my emails. It truly is a blessing to have such a great family that is centered on the Gospel and that are willing to share it with others so thank you all so much and thanks to everyone else who is doing this as well! 

But this week was really good! I have continued to have some physical pain with my knees and ankles but recognize some AMAZING spiritual blessings!!!!! Maria and Julia, the ladies that I talked about in my last email, have been struggling with the Adversary but we visited them every day this week and they has an amazing surprise for us on Wednesday night! THEY WANT TO BE BAPTIZED!!! Not only were they ready but they wanted to be baptized the next day. Thursday night we got everything ready and they were baptized. It truly was an answer to prayers. How amazing it is to know that the Lord will touch the hearts of millions and lead us where we need to go.

This week we also met a new family. Now the parents aren’t married yet but it was amazing to see how interested they are about the Gospel. One of the best parts about meeting with them is that they are REFERRALS from members. Teaching them has been great. The member who referred this family thought it was important for us to teach the principle of prayer, which we did and then we were also able to give the father Deraldo a blessing. It was amazing!! We invited them to church and when we passed by their home on Sunday morning, he was waiting for us ready to go. This week I really felt the Spirit and His love through all of these blessings. Explaining about the blessings that we have the power and authority to give, really was just a small and still voice that I followed and was blessed for it.

There are several other people here that we are teaching but it is hard. Many of the people are not ready to give up their Sundays to attend a church. We have been invited to several people’s homes and then after we have walked all the way there they decide they do not want us to come in.  We have even had the door slammed in our faces many time. It is very frustrating at times but it is alright. I know that I need to just keep working and sifting the wheat from the tares. 

Thank you all for everything you have given me and done for me. You are all a great blessing to me in my life.  Please continue to pray for the people in Brazil.



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