Monday, March 24, 2014

Putting Away Childish Things

1 Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

This was one of the first scriptures that my dad sent to me while I was in the MTC. Haha I kind of laughed at it at first because I thought that he was just joking but now that I have been out on my mission just about
1 year I can really see how important this scripture really is! Today I am 20 years old and I am learning every day "How to become a Man". A mission is one of the MOST important things that a young man can do in his life. My favorite young men’s leader and friend of mine, Pat Dover told me before I left that, "On a mission you will learn things in 2 years that you simply CAN NOT learn in 62 years of regular life". This is so true and the things that I am learning I know will really help me later in life. When I was home I didn’t have the time to study 4 hours every day.  Just STRICTLY studying scriptures and focusing on how I can teach and serve others! No matter how hard or how frustrating or how tiring all of this is, the things we learn are more valuable than anything in this world!

This week I was studying in the Book of Mormon and have been studying great missionaries, especially the sons of Mosiah. In chapter 26 of Alma we learn that they were depressed in their hearts for some time but the Lord helped them to have the strength to continue their missions.

This week was great! So we have been teaching 2 people for the last 2 weeks, Guilherme and Ana. Both of them were baptized this week. Guilherme is a 14 year old kid, He has an AMAZING testimony of the restored gospel!! He reads the Book of Mormon EVERY NIGHT before he can fall sleep. He loves what he is learning and he is such a funny kid! He also told us this week that he is now planning and SUPER excited about going on a mission. I will make sure he does this J  We also had Ana who was a referral from a member, Maria.   She is SUPER funny. I am so proud of her, she has COMPLETELY stopped smoking and drinking and doesn’t drink coffee any more. She completely changed her life and is so happy.

Mosiah 2:41 This is a work that NEEDS to be done. My cousin Elder Jordan Stilson sent me a letter talking about the signs of the second coming that he has noticed. The coming of our Lord is here so we MUST fortify ourselves and help those that we love to come into the fold so that we can live the 1000 years of peace and live an ETERNAL LIFE were we will have EVERLASTING happiness. Other than that we are just trying to work hard. We are still walking up and down all of the MORROS of NANUQUE. Even though I complain and hate the hills I love being a missionary and will keep working hard. I am receiving blessings spiritual and material! I love you all and miss you guys so much! Keep the faith and NEVER lose hope! Have a great day and week. Thank you all for your prayers, letters and everything else!!!

Eu te amo e sei que o Evangelho de Jesus Cristo É verdadeiro!!! Fique Firme e NUNCA olha atraz! Grande Abraço de ELDER STILSON!!!

Love, Elder Stilson

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