Monday, March 31, 2014


Bom Dia!!! Well this week we did a lot of things but it’s the remembering part that is hard, haha, but this was a good week!

 So there was one day that we were walking to the house of a referral and it started to POUR CATS AND DOGS.... Or SPIDERS AND MONKEYS;) We just kept working and walking between all of the slipping and sliding down the side of the mountain, we made it to their house unharmed.  Normally on days like these I get a little frustrated but this day was GREAT!!!! My comp and I had a GREAT attitude about the rain and it was just funny! The way you look at something can change EVERYTHING!!! It was great and we went to our appointment and the little girl went to church a couple weeks ago and asked her mom if she could be baptized. It was great!!! So we were able to baptize her and 2 cousins this week so that was AWESOME! 

Another day we went to a member’s house, while we were talking one of the daughters pointed out a giant spider in her house. They all know how much I love spiders there was yet another one. Needless to say I just stayed WAY back while this 21 year old girl killed a GIANT without batting an eye while I sat and watched. Wow.... I am a baby haha ;) 

Speaking of bugs, I caught a nasty bug or should I say sickness and was pretty sick for a few days. I ached everywhere!!!! A lot of the people told me that they thought that I had Dengue fever... This is some nasty virus that is brought by mosquitoes where the back of your eyes burn and you feel like you want to die. Well that was what was happening but it ended up being a different virus and NOT dengue. Mom you can stop worrying!!! Everything was alright and I am feeling better. 

We also had interviews with our mission president this week where we, after, went to the Brazilian BBQ RODIZIO!!!! ALL YOU CAN EAT MEAT!!!! That was AMAZING!!! Haha Yeah I think was a great day!! I also got my birthday package so thank you so much to the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!! I also got an amazing letter from my Grandma that sang so my comps are "loving" waking up to happy birthday everyday;) haha Thanks to Nan and Bomp for my birthday email!! Also BIG shout out to my cousins Malyn, Josie, and Jonah for making me feel a little trunky with my 1 year birthday cake!!!;) haha IT WAS AWESOME!!! Thanks for all of the pictures.

Well I had something that I learned that I wanted to share but I can’t remember and so I will save that for next week’s email. But thanks for all of the prayers and everything that everyone is doing for me!!! I have the best friends and family in the world!!!

PS one more BIG shout out to the BEAUTIFUL women in Grandville, Especially sister Helen Graul!!! I was thinking about you this last week and just remembering how special you are to me and how much you mean to me! I love you Helen!!! You and all the other people who are there in the Alameada Branch!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Well, until next week,



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