Monday, April 21, 2014

FELIZ PÁSCOA (Happy Easter)

Hey everyone!!! Well, I would like to start by sending out a HUGE shout out to my sister Shealeigh who was just called to serve in the Barcelona Spain mission.  I am sooooooooo freaking proud of her and so excited for her!!!!!!!!!!!! She is going to be an AMAZING missionary! I love you sis!

This week was a good one and there is another transfer gone.... HOLY CRAP IT’S FLYING!!!! But everything here has been going great! There are a lot of stories I’ve got tell everyone but first off FELIZ PÁSCOA or for those who do not speak Portuguese, HAPPY EASTER!!!! The day that we remember our Savior and his resurrection! What a great day to remember. I love a talk that Elder Eyring gave that talks a little about Easter. He says that during this time of year he doesn’t think as much as the Savior’s resurrection but as the work that he did 3 days in the spirit world! The Savior didn’t rest after he died, but continued to work. That really hit me. It doesn’t matter what happens in life, we have to keep working and just trying our best so that we can serve the Lord with everything that we have. These words have helped me keep working when the times get tough. I know that HE NEVER STOPPED!!!!

Making a Brazilian traditional OVO DE PÁSCOA

But this week was great!  Elder Oliveira and I have been making a Brazilian traditional OVO DE PÁSCOA. It is a chocolate egg. They are A LOT OF WORK. It isn’t easy trying to get them right and not messing up and everything. By the end of our baking experience I was done and NEVER wanted to see another piece of chocolate again!!! But we decided to make these for the sisters in the ward who have been feeding us just as a little Thank You. Yesterday we spent time passing out these eggs with a small message of Christ and a prayer with them. It was a lot of work but we were given the best reward in the world! It was so cool seeing the joy of these sisters as we delivered our eggs. The area we are serving there is not a lot of money. There is one major business in the town and most everyone works at that company. If they do not work there then you have to literally sweep the streets for a living. Just as most parents, they give all they can to their children. There is not a lot of extra money left for their selves or anything else. I have always found the greatest joy in my life when I am serving others. Honestly there is nothing better than seeing the look of gratitude and happiness on the faces of those you are serving. One particular sister really made me smile. As I handed her an egg she took it in her hands and started kissing it. There is NO expression for the feelings that I had yesterday. I know that making those silly eggs took a lot of our time. It was long and tiring and after a while I really started to wonder if what we were doing was wasting mine and the Lords time. I was so grateful that we did this! This just goes to show that there is NO greater blessings in the world than serving those you love!!! I am so grateful that I am NOT being transferred yet. I truly have such a great love for the people who I am serving with here in the Ramo NAK NUK!!!! I love this area and the people here. The same love that I have for those in Alameda! 

Elder Stilson Showing Off His Mad Soccer Skills

I love everything that I am learning and really this week was AWESOME! Besides this spiritual blessing, we had a lot of material as well. We have an investigator who gave us a TON of green coconuts. AGUA DE COCO!!!!! It was great!!! I also learned that I am beast at soccer.... Ok yeah not really... I tried this week but failed a few times terribly.... DONT ASK! But everything is good! I love you all and can’t wait until next week to hear more about everyone back home.

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