Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015

Hey everyone, this week was a little slow. With it being the New Year here in Brasil everyone is  doing something. People were either at the beach or at home with their families celebrating. Last Sunday we had a less active family go to church who have not been baptized. So after church we went their home with a member and we were able to teach the family. It was really good and their youngest son, Dhymerson (Jemerson) really wants to be baptized. He is studying super hard is reading the Book of Mormon. He is an awesome little kid! The mom also hasn't been baptized but they aren't married so we are working with them to do the things  they need to do to be baptized. I am super excited for this family. Unfortunately we they didn't go to church yesterday so we will have to check on them this week. We have another investigator who really isn't progressing which is really disappointing. We are doing everything that we can but he is very dependent on his addictions so it's getting very hard for him. We are praying and fasting for him  and we will keep doing everything that we can to try to help him and his son. 
Sabrina and her family haven't been home this week but they were planning on going to Church but we didn't see them either so we will continue to work with them and hopefully they will come this week. We will just keep working with these investigators and hopefully we will find some new people to teach so that we will have a busy week.
This week I have been really studying the Book of Mormon. Today I was reading about the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi who were under the king Lamoni The
and king Lamoni's father when Ammon Omner, Himni and Aaron visited the land of Ishmael. The Anit-Nephi-Lehites were a people of little understanding of God and who were people who absolutely hated the Nephites. It wasn't until Ammon went in and SERVED the people and helped them understand what their purpose was in life that they were able to change and become 100% converted to the Lord. This people decided after their conversion that it was better that they die than to pick up their weapons of war and fight against
any people. They buried their weapons of war deep in earth and covenanted with their Lord that they would not pick up the weapons of rebellion again. When the Lamanites came to destroy them they prayed to their God and did not do resist being slain by their enemies. They would have rather died than have sinned. This made me think a lot about my life. How many times do we repent and burry out weapons of war but when temptation comes again we unbury them and commit sin. We need to be as the Anti-Nephi-Lehites and rather be humiliated, spit upon, and whatever other thing that Satan
tries to use against us, EVEN DEATH, than to sin after repentance. We can decide to do this today with this 2015 to be 100% converted unto the Lord. God loves us and wants to bless us and I know that he will if we keep his commandments.
I love you all and hope to hear from you guys next week.
Feliz Ano Novo!!!!
Elder Stilson


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