Monday, September 22, 2014

Flecks of Gold

Hey everyone, this week the Lord has again just piled up blessings to where I don't have enough space to receive them all!!! I know that a lot of this is due to my Sister serving in Spain!!! Super excited for her and I love her to death!!! But this week was great. First off I made it through the week without slitting open my head. I know that my family is happy about that but this week started out with another member calling us and telling us that he has a friend that wants to take the missionary lessons. We went there and it was kind of funny, he said he is related to that "awesome family of 6" that we met the other week. Well, turns out that they really aren't and that we are not going to go back to the house. It is very dangerous because they are all tied up in Drug Traffic and making pornographic videos. We are getting out of that craziness haha But anyway back to a perfect investigator!!

This investigator has been prepared for a long time, long before we met him. He is awesome!! He came in contact with the Book of Mormon many years ago and last year he went to a Stake conference and absolutely loved it. now that he has separated from his "wife" (never legally married) he is now able to allow the missionaries come into his home. He knows everything! He is studying, repenting, and getting out of the way of temptation. He is one man who really wants to be converted unto the Lord! Yesterday at church he picked up the tithing slips and got it ready so that next week he can pay tithing. He also put himself on the Missionary Lunch calendar. He is awesome and we are really excited to work with him.

We also had our Zone Conference with President Young on Thursday which was amazing! He is changing a lot of things in the mission. He is trying to help us see that there is more to our purpose than to just baptizing. He explained the Gospel of Jesus Christ as is explained in 3 Nephi 27. There are many truths that are explained clearly that the people who are preparing to be baptized need to know before and after they enter the waters of baptism. Through his training we saw the importance of this more clearly and are excited to start using these changes for the better.

President also taught us to not over look the little flecks of gold that are in our area that are waiting to be collected! I know how true this is but there are some that are so worried about the nuggets they miss the amazing flecks that can be collected and be of SO MUCH WORTH!!! Just as a prospector looks for flecks and Nuggets that is what we need to do. Elder Morgan emailed today talking about how he is serving many people. What a blessing it is to see that he is collecting those flecks. He will gain the trust of the members and also help the lost sheep come back into the fold of God. Elder Freire and I have been better at looking for those tiny moments to serve as well. Last night the lights went out in the city. We heard a little old lady crying. She needed help with getting into her house. We were so blessed to find someone who needed our help so we could show our example of being servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I know that the Savior Lives. I  know that the Book of Mormon is TRUE. READ IT, look for the blessings and promises that it contains. I know was written by Prophets of God.

I LOVE YOU ALL, I can't wait to talk to you guys and see you all again but for now I am focused on the work.
Elder Stilson

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