Monday, September 8, 2014

The Miracles of Fasting!

Our District!
Hey everyone!!! So this week was alright, really slow but it was alright.  Haha we have a lot of new ideas to get more investigators so we hope they work. This week again we went to Quissamã and got to do more baptismal interviews. YAY for Sister Benítez and Sister Montenegro!!! They are working super hard and have 3 people they are going to be baptized here in the next 2 weeks. Also, Elder Alarcon and Elder Thomas had 7 people at church which was super legit!!! We are working really hard with these people so that is great too. 
This week we did LOTS of tracting and contacting but didn't really get anything out of it... but we did find the blessing of diligence.  On Thursday we met a family who is absolutely amazing!!!! There are 6 people in the family and they accepted everything we taught them. They understood everything and they even accepted baptism!! We are really excited for them but they didn't go to church this week which was a little bit sad, GAHHH. The 17 year old kid went to the beach and the rest of the family went to the Catholic church. Oh well, they will go next week. They are all super legit!!!
It is a little frustrating that we have not had more to do these past few weeks. Honestly we are doing a lot of walking and very little teaching which is hard for me. Yesterday I fasted and prayed that we could have more people to teach. Today as we were walking to email, there was a member who passed by and stopped really fast and said that we need to go to her house tomorrow to meet some new investigators. WHAT A HUGE BLESSING FROM THE LORD!!!! It was honestly a giant
miracle!! I know that if we fast for things, the Lord gives what is needed. I have seen this so many times but most recently when I fasted for Tyce and for Gary. They are proof to me that prayers are heard and are answered. I was on the other end of a fast when I started my mission here in Brasil. I know that it was because of the fasting and prayers from all of you that I was able to stay in Brasil to learn all of the great and amazing things. I know that fasting works!!! Well, I've gotta go, I love you all and can't wait to hear from you guys next week.
Elder Stilson!!!!:)

Before personal study...
After personal study!!!

 Elder Thomas, The Cereal King!

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